Group training on computers
The Reserve's Coastal Training Program provides training mainly through one to multi-day workshops.


The Coastal Training Program provides up-to-date scientific information, resources and skill-building opportunities to coastal decision makers responsible for making decisions affecting coastal resources. Through this program, reserves ensure that coastal decision makers have the knowledge and tools they need to address local critical resource management issues. Coastal decision makers are defined as local elected or appointed officials, managers of both public and private lands, natural resource managers, coastal and community planners, and coastal business owners and operators. They may also include groups such as commercial seafood harvesters and dealers, watershed councils, non-profit organizations, marine contractors, and ecotour guides.

Priority topics include community resilience, climate change and coastal hazards; watershed planning, water quality and water quantity, stormwater management; sustainable land use practices. CTP also offers the Stewardship Series of courses, a ecosystem studies program that help residents and visitors learn about the ecology of our area and what they can do to keep our estuary healthy.

Woman on the beach looking at seagrass
The Reserve's Training staff assist in restoring and rehabilitating coastal habitats.