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Group training on computers
The Reserve's Coastal Training Program provides training mainly through one to multi-day workshops.


The Coastal Training Program (CTP) aims to provide coastal decision-makers with science-based information and skills that can help them to make informed decisions related to coastal resources. The training includes research and science-based information, tools, techniques and materials. The programs also address understanding of environmental, social and economic consequences of activities and decisions on coastal ecosystems. Another function of the CTP is increasing networking and collaboration between stakeholders across the region.

The CTP provides training mainly through one to multi-day workshops. The CTP also offers technical assistance. Priority topics include community resilience, climate change and coastal hazards; watershed planning and stormwater management; sustainable practices; and ecosystem studies such as Florida Master Naturalist courses and Panhandle Habitat Series classes. Audiences vary by topic but may include land use planners, developers, elected officials, regulatory staff, environmental consultants, marine contractors, and ecotour guides.

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The Reserve's Training staff assist in restoring and rehabilitating coastal habitats.