Adopt-a-Nest 2024

Adoptions for the 2024 season are currently on hold until further notice.

You can adopt a sea turtle nest on St. George Island for the 2024 nesting season! Your contribution helps the Friends of the Reserve meet the current needs of our sea turtle program which conducts daily beach patrols for nest monitoring, evaluations on hatch success, and provides care for hatchlings until they can be released.

Nest adoption means you are an honorary sea turtle parent! The adoption includes:

  • Personalized adoption certificate sent to your email.
  • Certificates for memorial sponsorships will be posted on the sponsored nest.
  • You will receive an interactive map link where you can find your sponsored nest. Click on each nest on the map to see a picture!
  • A mention on the official SGI Volunteer Turtlers Facebook page.
  • An end-of-the-season summary of how the island nests did during 2023.

Our coordinator creates each certificate in the order that the sponsorships are received. Nesting typically begins around mid-May, so it might be June or July before your sponsored nest is assigned.

*Please keep in mind that you may never see your sponsored nest in person. High tide and storm events sometimes wash nests away, and sometimes predators can destroy nests despite our efforts. Thank you for understanding that these events are out of our control.*

Friends of the Reserve is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, so your donation is tax deductable!

turtle nest 22-h20_sgi_cm (2)